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12 July, 2015

Most Expensive Caviar – Almas Caviar

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We all know caviar is ridiculously expensive right? Who would think that fish eggs can be worth a kings ransom? Well the “king of caviar”, the most expensive, priciest of the priciest is Almas Caviar .

Where is it from?

Almas Caviar is from an Iranian breed of Beluga fish typically found in the Caspian Sea. The Iranian Beluga isnt just an ordinary sturgeon, its an extremely rare fish that is an albino and usually aged between sixty to 100 years old. No wonder the eggs from this rarity fetch any where from $35,000 upwards. (around £20,000 sterling) per kilogram.

The name “almas” comes from the Russian word for diamond, as the roe eggs of this aged albino sturgeon as just as costly.

Where to Buy it?

Unfortunately, due to its rarity and price, and the potential for “fakes”, the only place to buy this delicacy is to buy it from high end caviar houses, or specialist dealers in luxury food.

A 10gm taster will set you back around $250 or £160, and the highend suppliers will usually sell it in a 24 karat gold wrapped container.

What Does It Taste Like?

Caviar in general is a connoisseurs flavour, however those who have actually tried this caviar liken it to a rich nutty taste with a buttery – creamy texture, typical of the high end caviars, only varying in the intensity of its taste.

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